This is a page about the 3 Main OTPs. ( Kkone, Derpax, and Trashly )

The OTPS Edit

Derpax ( Derp x Max ) Edit

This OTP is about Derpy and Max. It's canon, but was shipped long before that.

Kkone ( Bone x Kk ) Edit

The Second OTP made (though ranked #1 -w-), this OTP was originally a joke by Bone, until its made into a canon ship. This OTP is made in April fools, where Kk joined in the Live chat, and Everyone mess with Kk until Bone try to mess with Kk about Shipping Bone with Kk. And Quickly got attention. This is the first OTP/Ship where its made into a Joke ship, but its actually canon in the future.

Trashly Edit

Corly X 9StrangeSaness6(aka Trash). This ship is, indeed, canon. A very good ship, and everybody(I assume), enjoys this ship. Corly and Trash have too much in common, and Corly is one of Trash's Favorite Users (right now there are two, Corly is #1). The two had a few arguments, but they still love each other. This ship will rule the world! >:3