*lololo this page contains spoilers. so if you dont want to spoiled, gtfo.
Lukka is an OTP between the two users, Kkcantgetright17 And Lucariotheskeleton.

There is a story on it in wattpad made by Luca, you can read it here. Be careful, there is NSFW things on it. If your curious what is happening, but don't want to read the story, continue scrolling down below.


The Story Edit

Luca was doing his daily thing, making sure the pages are intact. Kk was working on the pages too, but he didn't notice Luca was walking towards him. Kk was writing a sinful Lukka fan fic, just to delete it soon after. However, Luca saw the fic and realized how Kk felt.


Trivia Edit

  • This ship has a love child, named Celius

Gallery Edit

Lukka and Celius fan art

Kk, Luca, and Celius. X3

Sm0l c00t Lukka fan art~

sm0l c00t Lukka~