Here is the Fanon Things about Kkone.

Fanon Edit

Love child ( Sunny ) Edit

Sorry kkone lovers/Shippers, but Sunny is Fanon, it was confirmed by James and Rafee, the reason why its Fanon is because we are both not properly married, and we don't want to.


Yan!Bone Edit

Actually, Yan!Bone is Fanon, its just a RP character. And Bone created this Character in early times of Kkone. Their weapon is a knife.

Yan!Kk Edit

Yeah, Yan!Kk is Also Fanon to Kkone. He is also a Roleplay character during the early times of kkone, It was inspired from Yan!Bone, His weapon might be a Crowbar, but Bone wanted it to be a gun.