• 9StrangeSaness6

    You know, I usually wake up to go on the UTAU wiki ships wiki's chat or the Undertale AU wiki's chat, or even this chat. However, all three were, unusually, empty. I checked this wiki's discord, AND EVERYONE is there. You all most likely know I'm unable to use discord, as its not on the amazon appstore. I guess everybody started using Discord so much while I was away. I don't think the "Discord Craze" will end very soon, so I'm just gonna hope people start using chat and discord. Or just some people use chat instead of discord. Because this makes some things boring and sad for me. 

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  • Kkcantgetright17


    July 2, 2017 by Kkcantgetright17

    Ok here is some stuff about the wiki,

    This is like the UTAU Ships wiki, But More serious, So thats why im not making everyone a Admin, B-Crat, CM, CM Or DM. Because i feel that would be too much and everyone would start Banning/Blocking eachother.  And im worried that if i promote another person, they will promote there friends, and then the friend will promote THERE friends, etc so just please understand that i cant promote anyone untill they proove themselves.

    If your new here, Everyone Ban and Block each other in the UTAU Wiki ships wiki, so we both cant let that happen, we decided to make this job a litte bit serious right now, so, if you keep on Ban and block each other... don't do that. Your reward is a ban, and loss on any position.


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